A great race is only made possibly by all the stand-up individuals who are willing to take a piece of the puzzle and work hard to put it together. If you do not participate in distance running, that’s okay. We would still love for you to be a part of this event. Volunteering is fun and a great way to  give back to the community that gives to you. PLUS! You’ll get to meet new people and have a one-of-a-kind experience behind the scenes. Don’t have a lot of free time, but still want to help? Sponsorship is another great way to show support of your city, the lakes, and healthy lifestyles. Consider joining us!

Volunteer Sign-up

Thanks for your help! We have lots of committees. If you’d like to join our pace team, cheer coordinators, watering crew, … we can find a spot for you! Fill out the form below and our volunteer coordinator will connect with you. THANK YOU FOR HELPING MAKE THIS A GREAT RACE!